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  • What other equipment will I need to enable Nucarbn to work? You need to have an iOS or Android smartphone; all other equipment such as the Nucarbn device itself and the wireless charging station...
  • What if I don’t have a smartphone? Current release of Nucarbn unfortunately doesnt work without smartphone
  • Is Nucarbn waterproof? Nucarbn is waterproof to IP67 standard; this means that it can withstand being submerged in 1m (about 3.3 feet) of water.
  • What is Nucarbn’s Range? Nucarbn needs on average to be within 45 metres (49 yards) of either its charging station or a mobile phone containing the app, as long...
  • Does Nucarbn have cables? Nucarbn is fully encapsulated; it is impossible to open the device as it is fully sealed for safety reasons. Only the charging device...
  • Can I download the data from Nucarbn? Unfortunately, this is something the software does not currently support.
  • How secure is the data from Nucarbn? We have done our utmost to ensure Nucarbn is secure as all of the electronic data is encrypted using AES 256-bit symmetric-key encryption.
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